FileWasher Pro Secure cleaning Security for Windows

FileWasher Pro will clean 20 of the most common types of temporary and junk files from your hard drive
FileWasher doesn’t defragment your drive, clean your registry, speed up your Internet connection or cure Male Pattern Baldness. It does clean 20 of the most common types of temporary and junk files from your hard drive, and, if you so choose, Shreds files you don’t want to be recovered.

You are able to select an unlimited number of customfile extensions to scan for (up to 5 at a time) which makes FileWasher Pro a handy (and very fast) file search tool. It also clears the Recent Documents List, clears Internet Explorer’s History of visited pages, Typed URL (web addresses) List, manages Internet Explorer’s cache (Temporary Internet Files) and empties the Recycle Bin.

There is also a ‘Delete Temps’ button which trawls all known system temporary folders and deletes the contents with a single click. Not only that, but you can set your computer to overwrite the Windows Swap File at each system shutdown, clear the MRU (most recently used) lists of many common programs, delete potentially sensitive index.dat files, clear the Windows Prefetch folder, find and delete 0 byte (empty) files and last but not least disable Windows XP’s System Restore and delete potentially dangerous System Restore Points.

A major factor in designing FileWasher Pro was the need to delete files with no possibility of recovery by someone else. We decided to incorporate a digital version of that old office standby, the paper shredder.

The Military came up with a standard of digital wiping (or shredding) which for all intents and purposes renders the wiped files completely non-recoverable. The Shredder in FileWasher Pro exceeds this military standard and subsequently the shredded files CAN NOT be recovered.


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