Flash Secure Optimizer Security Related Security for Windows

You have only some clicks to protect / optimize your swf files.
Flash Secure Optimizer is an application which can help you protect ActionScripts and compress SWF files.

Protection: For protecting ActionScripts inside the swf file, FSO uses one of the best well know methods that is, Identifier Renaming (Identifier Obfuscation).
FSO Reads swf file and retrieves all identifiers and smartly converts identifier names to meaningless characters.

Compression: FSO lets you reduce swf file size by compressing/optimizing most parts of swf file.

Here are some key features of “Flash Secure Optimizer”:

· Protection
The list of identifiers that FSO renames them are :
· All Variable Names
· Function Names and Parameters
· Instance Names
· Frame Labels
Class Members:
· Class Names
· Property Names
· Method Names and Parameters
· Package Names
· Identifier renaming is smart, so FSO Automatically determine which Identifier is safe to renaming.

· Optimization
You have many options to compressing/optimizing swf files:
· Shapes Optimization
· Fonts Optimization
· Morphs Optimization
· Pictures Optimization
· Sounds Optimization
· ActionScripts Optimization
· Remove null points
· Packing tag headers
· Zlib compression


· watermark on the output
· nag screen

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