FootPrintCleaner Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Footprintcleaner was made to clean all evidence let into your system by other applications
Every application on your PC keeps a record of your activity. Footprintcleaner was made to clean all evidence let into your system. It can easily remove several traces of your system activity, and more

To reach a complete solution, with footprintcleaner you can customize actions to delete files or complete directories as your needs. Footprintcleaner can do all this work for you at your request or you can schedule tasks in a very flexible manner. At the end of the work footprintcleaner gives you a complete report of task done

Here are some key features of “FootPrintCleaner”:

· Automatic PC Cleaner: Schedule automatic cleaning cycles at specified intervals, during shut down or start-up.
· Convenient and Easy-to-use: One mouse click launches the “Clean NOW” function.
· Custom Clean Items: Simply click and assign your personal set of files, folders or registry entries for cleaning.
· File Protection: Built-in safety features prevent you from accidentally removing important files. When you attempt to wash files located in special folders (including system folders, My Documents, My Photos, etc.), FootPrint Cleaner will alert you to any potential danger and prompt you for a confirmation before proceeding with the wash.
· Cookie Keeper: Save valuable cookies to maintain your preferred Internet settings and log-ins, then let FootPrint Cleaner delete cookies you don’t want.
· Boost Performance: Remove unneeded files to recover hard disk space and speed up system performance.


· 15 days trial

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