g0 System Cleaner Secure cleaning Security for Windows

g0 System Cleaner 2006 – Clear your history, recent and temporary internet files to cover your tracks!
g0 System Cleaner 2006 – When you surf the internet,your System saves the Websites you visited in a temporary folder, the urls you visited and same for many other programs that you use everyday. With those history files, people using your computer could spy on you easily.

g0 System Cleaner 2006 is a software that allows you protect your privacy.

See what Websites you visited, which movies you may have watched or what Documents you have been reading lately.
Someone could even use your cookies to get access to restricted Websites under your name and so, for example, could read webbased emails. Not only local users could do that, but Spyware is focusing to steal such user information to make a profile of you (what movies you like etc) and then send you targeted advertising.

With the GroundZero System Cleaner 2006 you can get rid of all those traces with only one click. You can also select the automatic mode and let the System Cleaner constantly wipe your traces.

Protect your privacy! This Award winning Application is the perfect solution for work or at home to keep your computer free of traces. Clean your System and free harddisk space. Try the Program now for free!

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