GuardedID Security Related Security for Windows

The World’s Most Comprehensive Keystroke Encryption Technology
GuardedID software was designed to provides powerful online identity theft protection.

GuardedID’s innovative keystroke encryption and anti-keylogging technology protects you from identity thief’s favorite new tool – keyloggers.

Industry experts state, however, that approximately 80% of keyloggers are escaping detection by leading anti-virus programs. This means that even with a current anti-virus program there is a good chance that a keylogger may be installed on the computer you use for sensitive activities.

GuardedID secures your online browsing experience from keyloggers offering protection for your credit card purchases, banking, email, and other web transactions that should be kept private.

Check out GuardedID today. The download is free and includes a limited time license for the full product.

GuardedID takes a proactive approach to stopping malicious keylogging programs by encrypting every keystroke at the point of typing the keys, and rerouting those encrypted keystrokes directly to your Internet Explorer browser through its own unique path. GuardedID? bypasses the typical places keyloggers normally reside, thereby helping to eliminate your vulnerability to keylogging attacks, which could compromise your personal information causing you financial losses.

GuardedID is designed as a toolbar for your browser, always present when your browser is launched. With GuardedID?, you can now email, browse, shop and bank online with confidence knowing that each and every keystroke is protected and not being transmitted to an awaiting Identity Thief. With 12,000 keyloggers known to be in distribution currently, it is only a matter of time before one affects one of your computers.
Here are some key features of “GuardedID”:

· Protects against new and existing keyloggers.
· Encrypts keystrokes between the keyboard and the browser.
· Encrypted keystrokes sent via a separate path that is invisible to keyloggers.
· Toolbar plug-in for IE6 and IE7
· Monitors system so that it cannot be subverted.
· Small memory footprint.
· Does not require any spyware database updates.
· CryptoColor Technology shows you that you are protected.
· Can automatically turn on when browser is launched.


· Internet Explorer 6
· Internet Explorer 7
· Intel 32-bit computer


· 30 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Now includes protection for Vista users
· Clickjack Protection
· Network Ready – MSI Installer
· Adheres to Group Policies
· “CryptoColor”, a visual verification technology that highlights each text field that’s being encrypted, therefore secured.
· “SECURED Highlight” CryptoColor Preference Settings allows users to select their own encryption field coloring.
· “SECURED Mode” Auto-On preference setting that allows GuardedID® to turn on automatically the instant your browser is launched.
· Enhanced Security, GuardedID®’s enhanced security increases the level of protection in the key areas: system kernel, data stack and windows.

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