HiddenFInder Security Related Security for Windows

A security tool to detect and kill the hidden spyware, backdoor and virus
HiddenFinder is a very advanced security software which can help you detect and close faster the hidden processes and drivers.

Hidden process and drivers usually are the result of sophisticated virus or spyware attack.

Recent research shows more and more spyware, virus, rootkit and backdoor attacks are being facilitated by these hidden viral and Trojan processes which can hijack your system, act as a back door to bring in even more spyware and viruses, or worse turn your computer into a slave zombie machine under the control of a remote computer.

HiddenFinder explorers the system in kernel level and shows all running processes and drivers including hidden. The termination of hidden process immediately stops the major portion of spyware, virus and Trojan attack. Properties of processes and drivers are available by right clicking.

Here are some key features of “HiddenFinder”:

· Summary Statistics – Provides general statistics information for you to easily find out the number of hidden processes and drivers.
· Kill Hidden Process by One Click – Hidden process can be killed instantly by click Kill Process item in context menu


· 128 Mb RAM
· Pentium II and above


· ‘Kill a Process’ function is disabled

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