ICU Child Monitoring Software Security Related Security for Windows

The perfect software solution to help you monitor your children’s unaccompanied computer activity.
ICU Child Monitoring Software was written and designed by and for parents. The ICU Software application is a passive application designed to help you know for sure exactly what your children have been looking at. This is not a blocking approach but instead a way of monitoring what your child see’s so that you can then react appropriately.

It’s all about giving you the information you need to make sure your child is safe online. Importantly as well this is software that anybody can use, it has been designed for the average parent and not network administrators!
Here are some key features of “ICU Child Monitoring Software”:

· You decide which users you want to monitor
· Internet Monitoring
· Email Monitoring
· Web Page Monitoring
· Offline Monitoring
· The option of running in Stealth (no icon) or Visible mode
· You set the activity capture interval
· No need to use your child’s computer to view activity
· You decide how often you would like an e-mail to be sent
· Various image qualities for those with slower internet connections
· Smart monitoring, no activity is captured when the screen saver is active
· Fully password protected against tampering
· Parent friendly and very easy to use!


· .NET Framework 2.0
· Access to an administrator level account on the PC you wish to monitor (for installation only)
· An internet connection (ADSL or better recommended) for e-mailing activity reports
· An e-mail account to receive activity reports

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Rolling activity monitoring and the activity viewer. Program monitor. Anti CTRL+Alt-Del feature.

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