IE Internet Security Security Related Security for Windows

Customize and secure the Internet Explorer Web browser
IE Internet Security is a password-protected Internet security utility that customizes different features of the Internet Explorer Web browser.

IE Internet Security allows you to disable abilities to change your web browser settings, restrict access to certain tabs of Internet Options dialog box, as well as specific settings from each tab.

It lets you disable certain menu items and buttons and prevent others from editing your Favorites.

IE Internet Security is a tool that customizes and secures the Internet Explorer.

Due to multi-user support, IE Internet Security gives you a great ability to customize the Internet Explorer web browser for each user personally. Existing password protection will not let your users to remove set restrictions or to remove the program itself.
Here are some key features of “IE Internet Security”:

· Security Tools – password and security tools to protect PC
· 1st Security Agent – protect and secure Windows PC
· 1st Screen Lock – password-protect PC and spy on users
· Security Administrator – protect PC and restrict access
· Public PC Desktop – setup public access PC
· Network Security Protector – network PC security
· Easy Desktop Keeper – backup, restore, lock desktop layout
· Disk Drive Security – protect your disk drives
· IE Internet Security – secure and protect web browser
· 1st Evidence Remover – clean PC and remove evidence
· ABC Security Protector – restrict access to DOS
· CD-DVD Lock – password protect CD/DVD/HDD/Floppy
· Access Administrator – password protect files
· File & Folder Protector – password protect files and folders
· Access Lock – lock access to PC with password
· PC Lockup – lock PC with password
· Internet Tools – email and Internet tools, SMTP servers and mass mailers
· Easy Backup for Outlook Express – save, restore your data
· Mail Bomber – organize email subscription
· Fast Mailer Pro – send email to subscribers fast
· Mail Server Pro – high-performance SMTP/POP3 server
· Fast Mail Server – super SMTP/POP3 mail server
· Local SMTP Relay Server – send emails directly
· Email Subscriber Pro – make email-based subscription
· Email Security – ensure email security and privacy
· Puzzle Games – free games and puzzles for kids and adults
· AbcPuzzles – play free games and puzzles
· Cyclanoid – play free challenging puzzles
· AlterJig – play free jigsaw puzzles
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· 1st Security Agent FAQ – questions and answers related to 1st Security Agent
· Security Administrator FAQ – questions and answers related to Security Administrator
· Mail Bomber FAQ – questions and answers related to Mail Bomber
· Fast Mailer Pro FAQ – questions and answers related to Fast Mailer Pro
· Local SMTP Relay Server FAQ – questions and answers related to Local SMTP Relay Server
· Email Security FAQ – questions and answers related to Email Security
· 1st Evidence Remover FAQ – questions and answers related to 1st Evidence Remover
· Public PC Desktop FAQ – questions and answers related to Public PC Desktop
· Sales Related FAQ – sales related questions and answers
· Antispam Policy – our antispam policy
· Privacy Policy – our privacy policy


· 30 days trial.
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Now fully compatible with Windows Vista;
· Obsolete restrictions were removed;
· Over 50 new Vista restrictions were added.
· Help system was rewritten.

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