IP Privacy Security Related Security for Windows

Cleans online traces preventing tracking Internet activity
IP Privacy is a privacy protection tool that hides your IP address preventing your surfing habits and your internet activity over the Internet form being tracked by websites or Internet Service Providers.

IP Privacy makes use of anonymous proxyies routing all the Internet traffic.

Here are some key features of “IP Privacy”:

· Browse anonymously, check mails, participate in newsgroups using proxies form different countries at your choice
· Interact with websites anonymously: using proxies that allow you to post messages, game, cast votes, post on forum, use IP – based trials
IP Privacy provides a good online privacy protection by cleaning all online traces that may harm or use inadvertently information on your computer:
· Clear Internet History
· Clear Typed URL
· Clear Temporary Internet Files
· Clear Cookies
· Clear Auto Complete Forms History
· Clear Auto complete Password History
· Clear Internet Favorites
IP Privacy also protects computer from the action of invasive codes:
· Blocks ActiveX – ActiveX controls add interest to sites through multimedia but the controls can also harbor malicious code such as viruses. Most sites will function properly with ActiveX controls disabled.
· Blocks JavaScript – this code may be used in harmful way such as to information on your computer


· IE 5.0 or later
· 486 CPU or higher
· 32 MB RAM
· 20 MB hard disk space

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