KidSafe Guardian Security Related Security for Windows

Monitor your childs useage such as web, chats, and program useage
Warning Signs:
– Your child quickly changes what is on the screen when you walk in the room.
– Your child stays up late at night talking to friends online.
– You notice links to sexually explicit or inappropriate sites in the history section of the browser.
– If you have a slight feeling in the back of your mind that something might be wrong… it probably is.

Install the KidSafe Guardian application on your childs computer once, then you never have to go back to that computer again. Installation is quick and simple.

NOTE: You must register an account that is valid for 3 months. To extend your KidSafe Guardian Plus you must buy a license .
Here are some key features of “KidSafe Guardian”:

Internet Content Filtering:
· Protect your Kids from unwanted, obscene, lewd Internet content. KidSafe Guardian will scan all web pages they visit for trigger words. If inappropriate content is found, the page will be blocked. KidSafe Guardian can notify you when this happens!

Monitor Chat Conversations:
· If you choose, you can monitor your childs chat conversations – You’ll see both sides of the conversation as it happens, from the privacy of your own computer. You can do this from anywhere in the world.

Review All Activity:
· With your free KidSafe Guardian account, you can login from any computer, any time, and review all your childs activity – you will have a complete record of all URLs visited, all chats and chat participants, all keystroke loging data, all programs run.

Instant email/SMS Alerts:
· As soon as trigger words are detected, KidSafe Guardian can instantly send you an email or SMS, so you are immediately aware that your child may be in danger!


· registered account
· Web Browser

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Various fixes and tweaks
· Change of versioning
· Add uninstall to install folder

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