Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox Security Related Security for Windows

Get both the Lavasoft File Shredder and the Digital Lock in one easy-to-use application.
Today’s digital world creates a wide array of security challenges. With prying eyes able to access all kinds of confidential data through our computers, you need strong solutions to ensure your security. Lavasoft has introduced the Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox to allow you to build the security you require ? digital
shredding and encryption give you the tools to safeguard your private information.

Get both the Lavasoft File Shredder and the Digital Lock in one easy-to-use application. The Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox will allow you to take full control of your digital information. Not only that, but you will get instant savings compared to buying both products separately!

Digital file security in one powerful product!

Get full control of your folders and files by securely locking information that is sent or stored, and by destroying old deleted data that remains on your PC.

Relieve the burden of worrying about identity theft with Lavasoft’s strong encryption and shredding technology, allowing you to protect your files or to permanently delete ones you no longer want to access.

Easy-to-use interface makes securely storing and sending, or permanently shredding files a breeze. Take advantage of the dual functionality of the Privacy Toolbox, available at a maximum value.

Here are some key features of “Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox”:

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox Key Features
· Choose to encrypt files for safe-keeping or shred documents you want to permanently delete with Lavasoft’s Digital Lock and File Shredder integrated into one program interface.
· Take full control of your files and folders with the easy-to-use functions of the Privacy Toolbox.
· Includes all of the functionality of both the Lavasoft Digital Lock and File Shredder to give you total command over your digital information.

Lavasoft Digital Lock Key Features
· Secure your files and sensitive data with strong encryption that supports several encryption algorithms, including the new AES standard 256 Bits.
· Conveniently select files for encryption with a simple right-click, drag and drop functionality, or by browsing for a file.
· Create encrypted e-mail attachments that can be sent to recipients that do not have Digital Lock installed – only the correct password is needed to unlock encrypted files.
· Benefit from the Digital Lock’s ability for multiple encryption of selected files ? encrypt a file more than once and use different combinations of passwords and encryption algorithms for added control.
· Full shredding functionality means you have the opportunity to shred the original file after completing a successful encryption.
· Store and send files the way you choose with an encryptor that supports your security needs and individual way of working.

Lavasoft File Shredder Key Features
· Permanently remove any sensitive digital information from your computer such as Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint files, music files, videos, photos and more.
· Select a file to be shredded with a simple right-click or browse for a file or folder.
· Detect and remove “previous versions” automatically saved and hidden by Windows Vista.
· Shred everything in your recycle bin with one easy click of a button.
· Conveniently shred files by dragging and dropping them into your desktop “shredding bin.”
· Shred all your temporary files left behind on your computer.
· Clean up your computing history. Use the “Shred all free space guide” to clean your computer from all old deleted files and folders that are still stored on your drives.
· Document the files that have been permanently removed with a qualitative reporting option.


· 15 MB free disk space
· RAM: Operating system + minimum 10 MB


· 30-day trial

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