leetHider Basic Security Related Security for Windows

The most advanced window hiding software available, at an affordable price.
leetHider Basic is an advanced software utility that will hide your applications window. Using leetHider, you can quickly and descreetly hide application windows to prevent a higher-up from seeing your game of Minesweeper. leetHider has many features that make it stand out for the multitude of other window hiders easily, first and foremost being its price.

Here are some key features of “leetHider”:

· Multiple window hiding
· Remembers hidden windows, even after application is closed
· Can be minimzed to system tray, with a rightclick menu to main functions
· Hotkeys can be configured for the program’s main functions
· A mouse shortcut to clear the screen can be enabled (click both mouse buttons simultaneously)
· The program can easily be configured to ignore windows with specified words or phrases in their titles, such as “Microsoft Excel” or “Firefox”. This allows you to choose what windows are hidden and which ones stay open.
· The program can launch your screensaver on hotkey, or it can launch the specified program (with command line arguments, if needed) if you want.
· Next Version: When the hotkey is pressed, the program can mute system audio to prevent game sounds from being heard even though windows are hidden.
· A “stealth mode” hotkey allows the program to remain functional while the main window is hidden.
· The program has an option to start with Windows in stealth mode.
· n updater is included within the program so you can keep up to date with the latest version of leetHider.
· Next version: Send windows to the system tray, allowing them to run in the background while not taking up any desktop or taskbar space.


· .NET Framework 2.0


· Demo version is free and can be used forever. However, many features are disabled.
· Nag screen

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