LinkScanner Pro Security Related Security for Windows

Use this tool to check a website to ensure security before browsing it
LinkScanner Pro application extends the capabilities of your firewall to ensure that the actual data passing through the firewall is checked for exploits and other security breaches.

Once a program has access to the Internet, it can do anything-including allowing hackers to hitch a ride.

Hackers can simply sail through the firewall unchallenged, because they’re riding along with a trusted application.

LinkScanner Pro provides real-time analysis of network traffic and web site content to stop exploits and malicious content automatically.

As more applications need to communicate with the Internet to work properly (such as web browsers, media players, word processors), a vulnerability in any creates an opportunity to bypass traditional security products.

LinkScanner Pro monitors open Internet connections and secures vulnerabilities until the software’s manufacturer can release a patch.

Here are some key features of “LinkScanner Pro”:

· Expand your threat protection
· Set & forget ease of use—no rules, no recurring system scans
· Patent-pending technology secures software vulnerabilities
· Stops targeted exploits & zero-day attacks before they can access your computer
· Real-time analysis avoids out-dated database look-ups & disastrous false alarms
· Integrates with search engines to keep you away from poisoned sites


· Pentium 1.2 GHz or higher
· 256 MB RAM
· Broadband recommended; works with modem dial-up
· Compatible with major anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall products


· 15 days trial

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