LockLizard Protector Security Related Security for Windows

HTML, web, elearning, image & flash security. Strong encryption & DRM controls.
Lizard Protector Web Content Security protects your IPR and your company’s revenue stream by ensuring your web content is always under your control.

Lizard Protector Web Content Security is for publishers that share or sell web based content where a higher degree of security and control is required – beyond simple password protection. There are no passwords for you to send, or for users to enter, manage, forget, or pass onto others.

You control who views your protected web content and how long it can be viewed (for a certain number of days or forever). And if you no longer want the recipient to use your protected web content, instantly revoke access to it. And should you not want a recipient to use your protected web content, you can instantly revoke access to it.

NOTE: Registration is required before you can properly use the application.
Here are some key features of “LockLizard Protector”:

· Viewing, copying, modifying and saving content;
· Printing content (including the number of times your content can be printed);
· How many times your content can be viewed;
· How long your content can be viewed (days, months, years, forever)
· How long your customers can view content offline:always; n number of days; or they must connect every time to the administration server before they can view your protected web content;
· Use of Windows print screen and screen grabber applications – stop users taking screen shots of your protected web content;
· Printing to file, email, PDF format (Acrobat distiller, etc.), common image printers, etc. are automatically prevented;
· Sharing protected web content is prevented since your customers must have first registered with you and have the correct license and decryption keys in order to view protected web content. Decryption keys are stored encrypted and locked to individual computers, thus ensuring they cannot be shared;
· Expire and revoke distributed content at any time, automatically revoke access once view limits have been reached, manage offline access, and enforce content management system security policies no matter where your content resides;
· Change the number of print and view allowances even after distribution;
· Enforce your own house style and appearance by ensuring that content may only be seen in the format you have decided.


· Pentium III or later
· 512 MB RAM

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