LogWiper Security Related Security for Windows

LogWiper will erase all the records your pc keeps of your online and offline activity
LogWiper is a software applications that will erase all the records your pc keeps of your online and offline activity, the internet cache and other things that may prove to be a source for others to invade your privacy.

Over 70% of all companies admit they “record and review their employees’ communications and activities on the job”.

It keeps every single picture you’ve seen, every site you’ve visited. Everything is recorded in secret files in Windows, that’s why deleting internet cache and history is NOT ENOUGH!

Your PC keeps records of all your online and off-line activity. Any Websites you view, E-mails you send, and everything else you or someone else have ever done on your computer can be found out!

Your homepage could be changed and you can be tracked from anywhere.
ANYONE, who may use your computer can see what you’ve been doing!
Your PC is tracking your every move!

Here are some key features of “LogWiper”:

· Perfect interface.
· Highly customizable.
· Works either with the current user or with all users on the computer.
· Easy setup.
· Integrated to work with the MS Office Applications.
· Scheduler of tasks can automate LW.
· Wipes logs in some other popular programs(ICQ, WinZip, download managers, etc.)
· Frees up your HDD space and makes your computer noticeably faster.
· Support updates.

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