ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Security Related Security for Windows

Web-based Self service password reset, account unlock, employee AD update tool.
ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based end-user password reset program for domain users perform self-password reset, self-account unlock and self update of personal details in Active Directory. Thus it helps in a large scale to eliminate a leading source of help desk calls and associated expenses by automating password resets and account unlocks thereby optimizing employee productivity.

The end users can reset password on their own and also update their personal details in Active Directory with ease .The software provides a detailed Audit Report on all changes done with it, which addresses the compliance and audit needs of organizations. An enrollment process ensures security of password resets by mandating users to answer self set validation questionnaire, reports on enrollment further enhances the process. The password reset end user software also provides reports on account status and password status of users in the form of comprehensive account status reports.

For those users who’s passwords are about to expire, email notification can be automatically sent and reports can be scheduled regularly. The product ensures the identity of a user while password resets with security question and answer settings. Thus ADSelfService Plus benefits (a) the end users increasing productivity, by eliminating frustrating time delays, (b) help desk technicians with reduced workload and tickets on password reset and (c) the administrator ensuring compliance, security and efficiency in managing the domain network resources.

Here are some key features of “ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus”:

· Domain users can reset forgotten passwords and unlock accounts securely, from a web based portal.
· Real time update of personal information in Active Directory by end users from a self service portal.
· E-mail notification to users on soon to expire passwords can be scheduled.
· Identities are securely authorized through a simple set of personalized questions via quiz-based authentication.
· Integrates detailed audit logs of all user and administrator activites done with ADSelfService Plus console.
· Reporting on user accounts and their password status that includes, LockedOut Users,Soon-To-Expire Password Users,Password Expired Users, etc.
· Customizable front interface to suit the look and feel of your enterprise environment.
· Includes both end user and administrator portals


· Pentium III 733 MHz
· 256 MB RAM
· Active Directory based Windows 2000/2003 Domain setup
· Internet Explorer 5.5 and above
· Disk Space: 200 MB


· Only 50 Domain users can have access to the web based console to self reset password, unlock their own accounts or self update personal information

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