Master Voyager Encrypting Security for Windows

Will protect DVD/CD/USB sticks by password for travel, backups, postal mail.
Master Voyager is especially designed to create protected DVD/CD discs and USB Memory Sticks. It creates protected areas on the media and it is needed to enter password to see protected contents. In addition, all the protected Disc/USB Stick will be fully autonomous and will not require any special software installed on your PC.
Here are some key features of “Master Voyager”:

· Strong encryption of protected contents. Advanced Encryption Standard 256 bit is used to protect your records. AES is new Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) and used to protect sensitive information by U.S.Government organizations (and others).
· No need to have Master Voyager software on computer to read protected media. Every protected disc/usb stick contains AutoPlay module. You just need to insert disc into CD Drive (or connect your Flash Stick to USB port) and it will ask password to continue. The protected media does NOT install any software to the target computer. It is fully autonomous.
· You do not need to wait until large amount of data will be decrypted to the computer from protected media. Master Voyager utilizes special on-the-fly decryption technology used in our CryptoExpert Professional software. You just enter password and protected areas become visible as virtual hard drives like E:, G:, Z: etc. Just eject disc from CD Drive and all virtual drives will disappear from system. On the fly decryption technology allows to store movies / executable files / audio files inside the protected area.
· You can create multiple secure partitions with different passwords on one media. For example one secure partition will be “My Documents”, the second one is “My Pictures” etc


· 20 MB free HDD space
· CDROM/USB port


· 30 days trial period
· Only fixed password “123” can be used for creating/mounting secure partitions
· Nag screen
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Some minor bugs were fixed. When disc label (in partition manager) is incorrect and mvoyager shows balloon tooltip with error, the label text field is not cleared. Some other small bugs were also fixed in disc burning/erasing wizard.

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