MediaWIPE Secure File Delete Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Delete Files with Secure File Deletion Software and Data Shredder
MediaWIPE? Secure File and Data Delete – Windows

Cover your tracks by securely deleting files. Have you ever wanted to delete files and sensitive documents securely beyond being recovered by off the shelf undelete or forensic software? If so, MediaWIPE? is the answer. When files are deleted and emptied from the recycle bin they are not truly removed from the hard drive. The files can easily be recovered by data recovery software.

MediaWIPE? uses the US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) seven step erasing standard to completely erase your files! Destroy files on your PC that you don’t want to be recovered. Destroy any type of document and file that not even the most advanced recovery techniques will be able to recover. Rest assured that your privacy is safe.

With its easy to use interface, use MediaWIPE? for the complete destruction of documents. Delete a 500MB file in 2 seconds! With this reliable and professional product you will avoid your most valuable information from falling into the wrong hands.

MediaWIPE? benefits:

· Delete sensitive files and documents in record time – 500mb in 2 seconds!
· Extremely easy interface
· Uses the US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) seven step erasing standard
· Secure file and folder deletion
· Supports FAT and NTFS drives
· Supports removable media file deletion
· Defeats undelete programs
· Erases folder structure and all files contained in folder

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