mst RealDelete Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Using mst RealDelete, it is possible for the first time to select partitions where deleted files will be really deleted forever
Security has a very important role nowadays. But a thing of a much higher importance is data security.

A concern of data security is also the impossibility to regain already deleted sensitive corporate data. This is particularly interesting e.g. in cases when computers from security and secrecy dependend areas have to be repaired by 3rd parties. Using mst RealDelete, it is possible for the first time to select partitions where deleted files will be really deleted, for ever. No un-delete software will ever be able to regain data deleted by mst RealDelete.

The special feature of mst RealDelete is simple: no need to do things by hand. Just define a partition mst RealDelete will be active on, from then all deleted files will be definitely erased by wiping – completely transparent. mst RealDelete integrates with the operating system, it can be used on server systems accessed from corporate networks.

Different security needs – 3 methods
mst RealDelete offers 3 easy-to-use methods to destroy the content of files with no possibility to regain data:

– Fast
The content of the file is being overwritten one time. This is the fastest method of mst RealDelete to destroy files. The attempt to use un-delete software will remain without success. The files can be recovered by specialist companies with medium effort.

– Secure
The data is being overwritten multiple times with random data. This deletion method of mst RealDelete fulfills all requirements of German authorities and follows the recommendations of the German BSI (Bundesamt f?r Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik). The content of the file can be retrieved by specialist companies with high technical and financial effort.

– Maximum security
The file is being overwritten over 30 times with special patterns and random data. mst RealDelete even removes traces of original data, e.g. by converting their magnetic fields to statistical noise. The content of the file cannot be retrieved by any means. This method is recommended and practiced by the DoD (Department of Defense, USA).

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