My Identity Protector Security Related Security for Windows

Prevent identity theft by locating and removing sensitive personal data
My Identity Protector is a powerful and easy to use piece of software that discovers anything on your computer that potentially looks like your sensitive and personal information. In addition to simply discovering your personal regulated private information, My ID Protector has fully integrated tools allowing you to: Encrypt Files, Delete Files, Examine file data, and Search for similar results.

My ID Protector making examining data on your computer a snap with a number of options for viewing results, including: Integrated hierarchal Windows Explorer-like tree viewer, Adobe Acrobat .pdf report generation, and several Data export and copy options. Scanning your computer for personal information is as simple as clicking the “Run Scan” button.

For people who desire more control over scanning for personal sensitive and regulated information, you can configure options all the way down to CPU and memory usage! Algorithms used to map the Human Genome to discover “unknown and interesting” genes are used by Proventsure’s technologies to discover “unknown and interesting” types of information during audits.

These algorithms operate more accurately and efficiently than other technologies scanning for sensitive information. Proventsure dynamically determines how to decode files through a series of innovative statistical and structural analysis techniques. This enables the analysis engine to “learn” decoding techniques for many proprietary and unknown formats.


· 256 MB RAM
· 1024×768 screen resolution


· Some features are disabled
· Nag screen

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added feedback utility

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