myINFOSAFE Security Related Security for Windows

An application that helps you manage your personal information
myINFOSAFE encrypts your data as you enter it to ensure it is very safe and secure. With myINFOSAFE all your personal information will be well protected.

Here are some key features of “myINFOSAFE”:

· Details: You can enter basic information about you such as your full name, date of birth, height, weight etc. This information is not hard to remember but will get used by other areas of myINFOSAFE (and will more so, as the application is enhanced in future versions).

· Contacts: A great place to store all the information for people or organisations you know. Store the birthdays of your friends and family as well! This is also an area to store all your address information. (Note: if you have more than one address for a person just add another record). We are going to add a reminder function in the next release of the software so you are reminded of upcoming birthdays in advance ? we think this will be a useful feature.

· Education: A place to note where and what years you went to school or undertook other forms of education. Make notes about your memories, teachers, or friends at the time.

· Qualifications: Scan in copies of your qualifications and results so you can access them when you need them. Print them out when you need a copy for a job application or need to submit prior to further education.

· Documents: Scan in copies of documents that are important to you. Your Will, your Power of Attorney, your Passport, etc can all be scanned in and accessed in one place.

· Employment: Record all the places you have worked, when and for how long, what were your responsibilities, your successes, your memories? (If you did more than one job for an organisation then add another record).

· User id’s: We are all collecting more and more user IDs as we use the internet more often. Here is a place to store them all securely and access them when you cannot remember them ? very handy! If you have a lot of ID’s this feature alone justifies the purchase of myINFOSAFE!

· Service providers: An area to keep a list of all the organisations that provide services for you, your doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc. You can make notes about work undertaken for you.

· Loyalty cards, subscriptions, weekly routines: Keep a track of loyalty cards, when your subscriptions expire (We have a reminder function coming out in a release soon that will help make sure you renew these in time). The weekly routine section is a quirky one that some people may like ? all those things you need to tell a person looking after your house while you are away.


· CPU 1GHz+
· At least 100MB free disk space
· .NET Framework


· 30 days trial
· You are not able to change your password

NOTE: In order to use this product, you have to know the default password is Password (Case Sensitive) otherwise you cannot access it.

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