myRT Security Related Security for Windows

This utility is a handy little software that can erase any object you define
myRT is “Yourself made Malware Removal Tool”, it removes any object you want it to remove. myRT comes with a smart malware activities recognition technique and a malware signatures database you build yourself.

If myRT Smart Mode suspected a running process, a startup entry or a file that is undetected yet by your Antivirus whether it is an exe, dll, dat, sys or any other file type whether it is active and running on your system or just left there, it will point it to you and let you decide if you want to add it to the database or not. Once you add it, myRT will be able to remove it and remove all of its hidden friends you can’t locate by yourself.

If myRT didn’t suspect any object you still can do it yourself, just uncheck the Smart Mode option and add the suspectious object to the database. Day by day your own myRT database gets bigger and bigger and you will be able to scan your computer for more and more malware using your own made growing malware database.

myRT Personal Edition will help you keep your personal computer clean and prevent malware infections.

· Demo Mode lets you inspect your computer for the suspecious objects presence, myRT Safe Mode will do the best to narrow your inspection, if something suspectious found it will appear in the list but you cannot add it to the databse, to be able to add it to the database you must uncheck the Smart Mode option and found suspecious object your self without the help of myRT Smart Mode, once you locate it you can add it to the database.
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Fixed a bug with files size

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