NaSa s e Purge Secure cleaning Security for Windows

NaSa’s e.Purge helps you to do hard disk space maintenance
NaSa’s e.Purge deletes files and folders. It’s a task scheduler program that operates the task on the background.

NaSa’s e.Purge performs the job of cleaning when the occurrence due date and time is recurred. Assuming that this program is your cleaning agent.

NaSa’s e.Purge manages routinely task as well as specific date and time jobs by performing the tasks according to your schedule settings.

Enter the inputs to tell it where exactly the folder location to be managed and what is the type of style of task and when you want it to be executed, the rest… leave it to NaSa’s e.Purge.

Here are some key features of “NaSa s e Purge”:

· Made for professional use. (office & home).
· Automation.
· Multithread.
· Manage files and folders.
· Routine and specific due date and time jobs.
· Perform deletion based on object’s date & time attributes.
· Log file in HTML format.
· Configuration stored in INI files; easy to backup settings.
· File server’s perfect utility.

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