Norton Security Inspector Security Related Security for Windows

A tool that you can use to check your computer’s security settings and configure them according to your personal preferences.
Norton Security Inspector is a handy utility designed to help you verify and improve your PC’s security settings.

Security Inspector checks the following:

· Whether your browser settings are set to a secure level
· Whether Norton Internet Security is configured to protect installed IM clients (for example whether IM scanning is on, if you’ve got a relevant IM client installed)
· Whether any attempts have been made to modify your hosts file (for example redirecting your local host entry)
· Whether your computer has insecure shared folder settings (for example if there are global shares – C$ D$ etc, enabled, system folders are shared, hidden shares, etc.) – SI can close undesirable shares
· Displays a list of user accounts that have more rights (admin privileges) than they need
· Checks for windows services that should be configured to start manually rather than automatically, and services that should be configured not to start. The “fix” operation will only allow the user to change each service to start (or not start) according to our recommendation.
· Whether your machine has Windows user accounts with weak passwords.

· Norton Internet Security 2009

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