Office Cyber Alert Security Related Security for Windows

Record, archive, and review your employees PC and Internet activity.
Today more than ever employers need to be concerned about what their employees are doing on their computers. What seems to be harmless personal use of your company’s computers can lead to time consuming and costly legal and security nightmares. The statistics speak for themselves.

Don’t let your company become one of them. You need to keep a closer eye on what your staff is doing in Cyberspace. Office Cyber Alert is an all-in-one PC/Internet activity surveillance and monitor. It will automatically record, archive and review your employees’ PC and Internet activity. Office Cyber Alert will imediatelly record, archive and review your employee’s Internet and PC activity.

Office Cyber Alert will help you increase productivity; protect company-sensitive information; discourage employee-to-employee misconduct; and comply with Government regulations. It is designed for any businesses, including doctors’ offices; brokers; dentists’ offices; accounting firms; home-based businesses; retail stores; non-profits; schools; churches and banks.
Here are some key features of “Office Cyber Alert”:

· Email Recording
· Chat/Instant Messenger Recording
· Website Recording
· Application Recording
· File Access Recording
· Keystroke Recording
· Screen Snapshot Recording
· Time & Sequence Recording
· Monitor from Your Computer
· Centralized Administration and Monitoring
· Automatic Email Alert
· Email/Chat/IM Blocking
· Website Blocking and Danger Alert Game/Application Danger Alert and Blocking
· Automatic Keyword Detection and Danger Alert
· Intelligent Reporting
· All the Functions Work Simultaneously, Saving the Data to a Hidden Location.
· Extremely easy to use


· 64 MB RAM
· 20 MB harddrive space
· CD-Rom Drive.


· 7 days trial

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