OneNote Password Recovery Security Related Security for Windows

Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft OneNote notebooks.
OneNote Password Recovery will help you recover lost or forgotten passwords of all types, including passwords to open Microsoft OneNote notebooks.

Using the MS OneNote multifunction application, you can create advanced electronic notes easily, but recovering data can be a problem if the password is lost or forgotten.

OneNote Password Recovery solves that problem and recovers all passwords to Microsoft OneNote documents. OneNote Password Recovery is a powerful tool with a great deal of unique functionality, with an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface.
Here are some key features of “OneNote Password Recovery”:

· Recovers all passwords to MS OneNote notes regardless of password length.
· Comprehensive approach to recovering Microsoft OneNote (*.one) file-opening passwords, which allows simple attacks such as BruteForce, SmartSearch and dictionary-based, as well as complex approaches combining several types of attacks.
· Built-in efficient attack profiles that allow you to recover passwords with a single key press.
· Recovers passwords in any language (Unicode support) and multilanguage passwords (e.g. containing both Latin characters and hieroglyphs).
· Passwords for multiple documents can be processed simultaneously.
· The human factor is taken into account – even a password containing typing errors will be recovered!
· Autosave feature eliminates the need to watch the password recovery process, and will restore the work after a system crash.
· High performance and optimization for all modern computers, including multiprocessor systems.
· A friendly user interface provides quick access to all of the unique features of OneNote Password Recovery.
· Ability to set execution priority for individual attacks and the program as a whole. The higher the priority, the more processor time the program/attack receives and the faster it is processed.
· Advanced help system includes both a detailed reference book and tool-tips.
· Technical support is provided by highly qualified specialists


· 4-10 MB of free disk space is required depending on the distribution.


· All passwords are recovered, but you can only view and use passwords of 3 or less characters
· Passwords exceeding 3 characters in length cannot be added to the cache
· Automatic broadening of search criteria is not available
· Masks cannot exceed 6 characters in length

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