PC TimeWatch Security Related Security for Windows

Allows parents to control and monitor when and for how long the computer is being used.
PC TimeWatch is mainly aimed at parents wanting to control the time spent by their children on their computer (although other uses can be considered, of course). Your childrens will stay in front of the computer only when you ant it.

It allows you to specify how much time a Windows session may be running for a given period of time.

It also allows you to define time allowances for specific programs as well as time slots outside of which the restricted program, including Windows, may not be executed.

PC TimeWatch doesn’t use a separate security system to monitor access to restricted programs. It is based on the Windows security features. The consequence of this design choice is that it is harder to bypass the scheduling rules than with other similar programs under Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Using PC TimeWatch under Windows 98 or Windows Millennium is therefore significantly less secure because these versions of Windows don’t have the security features of NT-based systems anyway. On these systems, any user can do anything she wants from tampering with the system time to accessing unauthorized files and data.

Although we support using PC TimeWatch under Windows 9x, advanced users will be able to disable the software rather easily. However, young children are usually not advanced Windows users.

PC TimeWatch is based on a service and on a set of drivers. This means that you don’t have to run an application permanently or to add a program to the Startup folder of the monitored users. You run the PC TimeWatch Management Utility to setup scheduling rules for each user, then you close the program and you forget it.

Unlike other similar utilities, renaming or moving an executable doesn’t prevent PC TimeWatch from monitoring that program unless a new version of the executable is installed. If this happens, remove the corresponding program entry and re-create it. Installing the same version of a program, even in a different folder, doesn’t cause any trouble to PC Time.


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