PDF Digital Signature Encrypting Security for Windows

A simple way to track and encrypt your important pdf files.
PDF Digital Signature is a high speed signing module designed to be integrated with enterprise workflow, document management, and archiving solutions to add and verify PKI Digital Signatures on demand or in a high volume batch operation.


· The URL of Antenna House Web site is shown at the bottom of all pages.
· The water marks background image that shows “Evaluation Version” is shown.
· It’s not available to apply a watermark to the signed PDF. For this reason, an error will return when applying a signature to the signed PDF. With the product version, a signature can be applied to the signed PDF.
· The evaluation copy expires after 30 days.
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Enhancements
· Supports to add PDF digital signatures which conform to ISO 32000-1:2008.
· Supports MDP signature (certifying signature.) API that identifies the type of signature and access permissions for changing is now available.
· Available to check the revocation status of the digital certificate by using OCSP responder. There is no correction of API, but an error code as a certificate verification result will be added at the end.
· PFX/PKCS#12 A file is now available to specify and used for a signature.
· A password will be required each time from API.
· The function to directly specify and read a setting file is added. This makes it possible to make full use of various signature settings on the server.
· The interoperability with Acrobat 9/Adobe Reader 9 is guaranteed.

· Specification changes
· Corrected the behavior so that the module reads the time stamp server until it ends even if there was no Content-Length returned by the time stamp server. With V1.1 it was made as the error when there was no Content-Length.
· When a certificate without the secret key in the personal certificate store is chosen as a signature, an error will be returned.
· With Acrobat 9/Adobe Reader 9, when the watermark is applied to the signed PDF, a signature breaks. For this reason, the function of embedding graphic signature to signed PDF has been abolished from V1.2 of this product Moreover, Watermarks of the evaluation version might break the signature of signed PDF, the signature to signed PDF with the evaluation version will end with an error. With the product version, a normal signature can be applied to the signed PDF.

· Corrected the following bugs.
· In the environment where the font specified in the signature field is not installed, an error occurred when applying an signature to the signature field.
· When Java Interface was operated in the Java 1.6 environment, Java VM crashed with V1.1 or earlier versions.
· When the signature field of this product was signed by Acrobat, the signature might rotate.
· There was a problem (rotation of a coordinate system) that the signature was not applied to the specified position.
· Encryption might not be completed when a certificate doesn’t have a corresponding secret key.
· A timeout might occur when connecting to the time stamp server by WinInet.
· There was a problem when ascuiring the name of the layered signature field.
· When the signature was verified with the .NET interface, it become an error in the Vista environment.

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