Privacy Control Security Related Security for Windows

A tool which protects your privacy online
PC Privacy Protection is an application deusgned to help you protect your privacy online. Get rid of all the unwanted data to keep you secure. Constantly erase browser cookies. Its option of automatic cleaning can save a lot of your free time.

You have full control over wash cycles. Normally working on your computer can leave ‘footmarks’ that can be found later by someone else and used against you. These footmarks also consume your disk space and affect the performance of your PC.

Try the Privacy Provider on your PC: this program will find and get rid of all those annoying footprints. Several shredding methods, including the 5220.22-M that is used by the Defense Department are featured by Privacy Provider. Let the new astonishing technology get rid of all the activity traces you leave in your computer. By just one mouse click you can order Privacy Provider to erase all your footprints and protect your privacy, increase your disk space capacity and restore the computer’s performance.

Here are some key features of “Privacy Control”:

· Get Rid Of Your Internet Tracks
· For your safety you should READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION that will teach you how to protect yourself with Privacy Provider.

· Did you have any idea that your PC is a recording data system? Most of the moves you make on your computer are saved by it and can be found and decrypted by anyone who has a little bit of computer knowledge (your boss, your husband or wife, your friends). In order for you to understand better here are some examples of what your PC might save: if you watch a movie or a clip your Media program will definitely save that information; if you browse the internet your internet explorer will remember all the pages you have visited and all the photos you have watched. Windows can sometimes automatically save your user and password information you type.

· Without Privacy Provider you can think of yourself as a naked man. Your wife, your boss, the police, anyone can find out what you have been doing on your PC and this is not something desirable. This is not a joke. People have got divorced or went to prison for what was found in their computer.
· Protect your privacy, there is no need for you to get divorced or lose your job. Just use Privacy Provider and you can rest at night.

· Protect your Identity
· Some tools can recover any file you think you have got rid of. Even though you might have written a new file where the old one was or have formatted your computer, you can not be sure that no one will find it. Take this as a free advice: never give your old computer to someone else before getting rid of all your personal data you might have on it. Use Privacy Provider and secure your personal information from nosy people.

· Protect your Investment
· Privacy Provider can even speed up your PC!
· Did you notice that your computer goes slowly than when it was brand new? If so you should know you can make it go faster by using Privacy Provider. Unnecessary files that are stuck in your computer can make it run slower not to mention the drive space they take. Use Privacy Provider can get rid of all the unwanted files you have on your computer.


· Pentium 300 MHz
· 64 MB RAM
· 20 MB free disk space

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