Privacy History Eraser Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Privacy History Eraser – secure your online privacy by eliminating commonly stored internet activity
Privacy History Eraser is internet privacy software which helps secure your online privacy by eliminating commonly stored internet activity, which can be discovered by anyone using your computer.

It eliminates visited web site history, temporary files, most recently used file lists, index.dat files and more from popular products including Internet Explorer, Media Player, and Windows.

Here are some key features of “Privacy History Eraser”:

· Remove Location Bar History – Windows stores your visited list of websites.
· Remove Internet Explorer Cookies – Web sites place cookies on your browser to keep track of your on-line activity.
· Remove Internet Explorer Cache History (Temporary Internet Files) – Your browser saves visited web pages, and their images, to your hard drive whether you clicked on them or didn’t. This is to save you from having to re-download the information on your next visit. It also means that a lot of data is being saved to your hard drive. Anyone who uses your computer can discover your browsing habits.
· Eliminate Autocomplete Tracking – Internet Explorer stores a record of nearly everything that you type into any web-site form, such as your personal information and credit card numbers.
· Eliminate Index.dat History – Index.dat contains sites visited and index of cookies which can not be erased manually. Even if you clean up your cache, cookies, and history from within the Internet Explorer browser , the index.dat files can not be erased and will continue to store information about what web sites you have visited and what cookies have been saved.
· Remove Windows Temporary files – Windows saves temporary files to a folder which you most likely will not longer want on your system.
· Remove My Recent Documents – Windows records files opend and files saved, in the registry. Every time you open or save a file, it displays a list of files accessed, and is available to others.
· Eliminate Media Player Playlist – The most recent played files through Windows Media Player.
· Load and Clean custom Plug-Ins – Use plug-ins to clean additional applications.
· And More – Privacy History Eraser can erase other items as well as the listed items above. It may also be configured to erase your own user-defined information.


· Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

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