Private exe Protector Security Related Security for Windows

Powerful polymorphic Win32 applications protector.
Private exe Protector – Powerful poly-meta morphic win32 applications protector. This utility provides developers with software protection from analysis, cracking, modifications or reverse engineering.

PeP use poly-morph & meta-morph engine (sniffers never detect signature) , LZMA compression algorithm, strong anti-debug and anti-dump tricks, import virtualization, stolen bytes virtualization technology, stolen resources technology (first protector that uses this thing !), AES 256 bit encryption algorithm, the fast virtual machine, functions of licensing (keys/code encrypt), SDK, splash screen etc.


· Several options are unavailable
· Nag screen
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· If option “store key” is AppDATA, protector try first save key in current application directory and then if fail save it in AppDATA
· Improve stolen resource technology
· We continue modification of the loader, 90% ready to support dll-files, 50% ready to support x64

· Optimization of loader by size and speed

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