PROACTIME Security Related Security for Windows

This utility helps you achieve better results with your personal projects.
PROACTIME is the Swissknife of proactive personal information managers (PIM) that optimizes time and project management. Resources and activities are grouped around projects. On the base of personel criteria an automatic planning is generated.

In case of delays, the planning can be regenerated by simple mouse clic any time. It includes a filing system for paper documents and a heuristic approach for generating keywords. They guarantee direct access to all personal resources.
Here are some key features of “PROACTIME”:

Structure your activities:
· for the short term by isolated actions
· in the middle term by projects
· in the long term by metaprojects.
· Plan the daily schedule according to your identified cycles of energy
Organize your resources by the help of a personal knowledge base in order to ensure direct access at action time to:
· your needed processes, check-lists,
· your needed notes,
· your needed books and documents to consult,
· your needed files,
· the data of your partners
· Design this base around personal knowledge trees and nets of keywords,
· Analyze your activities to optimize your performances,
· Monitor your solvency, the essential criterion to realize your personal projects.


· 15 days trial
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· Tutorial, RSS Feeds, Bookmarking

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