removableTrezor Encrypting Security for Windows

Deposit common files as well as packages in the vault or safekeep passwords there
The removableTrezor program is the simplified version of our miniTrezor program. It has to be installed onto a removable media, on which it creates a protected, safe store (so-called vault or trezor) for the user’s data: the data are encrypted, password protected.

There are two main aspects in which removableTrezor differs from miniTrezor:
· the trezor is portable (the removabe media can be connected to another computer and the application can simply be run there as well)
· there’s only one copy of the trezor stored by the program.

You may deposit common files as well as packages in the vault (the client program may combine several files or entire directory systems into one single unit, this is what is called a package), or you may as well safekeep passwords here along with the pertaining data (username, name of the system, date of expiry, etc.). The data deposited in the trezor (vault) may be systemised as well, in so far as a directory structure may be set up in the program.

removableTrezor is a one-user application.

Security Issues

The removableTrezor’s user has a password, which he or she may change any time. Upon each login, the user is informed of his or her last 12 logins, thus he/she shall be aware by all means if unauthorised parties have obtained his or her password, and opened the trezor.

The data saved in the trezor (vault) are encrypted with the AES algorithm (Rijndael) by the program. A 256-bit individual key is used for the encryption, which means that each removableTrezor has a different key. The user can set the program to compress all data before encryption. Compression reduces the space to be occupied by data to less then one-third on average. The program uses the PPM procedure for the compression.

The data stored in the trezor (vault) shall be placed by the program in specially developed sub-directories of a directory of the removable media. This store (directory) is called container. The removableTrezor always consists only one container – not like miniTrezor.
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· Bug fix

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