Rising Internet Security Security Related Security for Windows

Provides extensive and continuous protection for your home and office computers.
The RISING Internet Security was designed to provide antivirus protection and customizable personal firewall service both, protects your computer against all types of Internet threats. With Rising Cloud Security project, it provides you zero day security response and protection.
Here are some key features of “Rising Internet Security 2009”:

· Zero day protection with Rising Cloud SecurityRising Cloud: Security users communicate with the Rising virus lab to form a rapid response network which quickly catches Trojans and other malware.
· Strong Basic ProtectionAntivirus & Antispyware Protection
· Protection from Trojans, worms, rootkits and other malware. With unparalleled expertise in combating malware, Rising offers you actual protection against today’s cyber threats without putting a strain on your computer’s resources.

Firewall Protection:
· Two-way personal firewall protection with separate administrator and user account. Even beginners can configure rules for new applications.

Advanced System ProtectionFile Monitor:
· Automatically detects viruses in active files and prevents them from infecting your computer.

Email Monitor:
· Scans inbound (POP3) and outbound (SMTP) emails for malware.

HIPS System Reinforcement:
· Monitors and protects windows vulnerabilities against system attacks by malicious programs. You can adjust the Rising HIPS to your needs.

Application Control:
· Monitors the operational status of applications and block suspicious behavior of processes.

USB PLUS Security:
· The USB/CD/DVD Monitor blocks malware on USB Media, CD/DVD, and network drives automatically.

ARP Spoofing Protection:
· ARP Spoofing occurs when a computer sends false ARP packets to a local area network in order to trick other computers and/or the LAN gateway to trust it. This is done either to prevent data from being sent or received from a certain computer, or to spy on the data that is being sent or received to that computer.

Multilayered Active Defense & Internet ProtectionWeb Trojan Defense:
· Automatically blocks malicious web scripts and viruses and prevents them from infecting your computer.

Malicious Behavior Interceptor:
· Monitors programs in the system for possible malicious behavior. Suspicious activity is halted and awaiting your approval.

· URL Alert
· The URL Filter blocks phishing and other malicious websites.
· Intrusion Detection
· The Intrusion Detection protects your computer against a wide variety of cyber attacks.

· Smart Botnet Protection
· The Outbound Flood Attack Sensor detects network attacks coming from your computer and stops bots from taking over your system.

· Anti Drive by Protection

· Rising Standby Scan
· Rising standby Scan checks your computer for malware while it runs idle.

· Detailed Logs

· Great Usability and Small Resource ConsumptionEasy to use for beginners, many options for advanced users.

· Very small resource consumption


· CPU:PIII 500 MHz or higher
· RAM: 64 MB or above


· 31 days trial
· Nag screen

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