RunScanner Security Related Security for Windows

Detect autostart programs, spyware, adware, homepage hijackers, unverified drivers and other problems.
RunScanner is a system utility which scans your system for all configured running programs.

You can use this application to detect spyware, adware, autostart programs, unverified drivers, homepage hijackers and other problems.

You will also be able to import and export your results and let other people help you to solve your problems.
Here are some key features of “RunScanner”:

· Scanning of 74 startup/hijack locations.
· Fixing of invalid entries.
· Saving and importing of .run files
· all information available)
· Marking of items.
· A user with problems can save the .run file, an expert can mark the items that need fixing and send the .run file back to the user.
· Process killer
· Kill multiple processes at once
· Kill and rename
· Kill and delete
· Delete at next reboot
· Host file editor.
· Verification of file signatures.
· MD5 hash calculation of files.
· Online lookup of scanned entries.
· Google lookup.
· Regedit jump.
· Explorer jump.
· Whitelist filter.
· Online rating of found entries bases on MD5 hash.
· Save to text log file.
· Online analysis of results.

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Switched to Delphi 2009 unicode
· Run files have a new slightly smaller format
· Added new certificates to the whitelist
· Added filename lookup to
· Removed search
· Fixed several unicode issues
· Canvas does not allow drawing error
· Online analysis sometimes not working
· Fixed several access violation errors
· AppInit_Dlls value now recognizes spaces and commas as delimiter. (used to hide malware)
· Fixed bug where some startup items with parameters could not be restored
· Fixed bug when some important registry settings could not be restored (LSA authentication packages)
Added Launch/hijack locations:
· 250 HKCUSoftwareClassesDirectoryShellexDragDropHandlers
· 251 HKLMSoftwareClassesDirectoryShellexDragDropHandlers
· 252 HKCUSoftwareClassesDirectoryShellexPropertySheetHandlers
· 253 HKLMSoftwareClassesDirectoryShellexPropertySheetHandlers
· 254 HKCUSoftwareClassesDirectoryShellexCopyHookHandlers
· 255 HKLMSoftwareClassesDirectoryShellexCopyHookHandlers

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