Savage Erazor Secure cleaning Security for Windows

A user friendly utility to purge your hard disk
Savage Erazor is a user friendly utility to purge your hard disk by deleting useless files like temporary data and obsolete logs. You can also clean up directories before archiving them.


· Purge temp folders
· Clean up folders and hard disks
· Erase specific files and folders
· Erase predefined temporary files types
· Erase custom files types
· Erase Internet temp files, history & cookies
· Empty recent document list
· Empty Recycle.bin
· By default, all erased files and folders will be put into Recycle.bin (so you can restore it if you made a mistake);
· By default Savage Erasor will not erase read-only files (you can override this setting);
· Savage Erasor will never erase system files or folders;
· Dangerous wildcards like *.* are rejected.

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