Second Hide Security Related Security for Windows

Instantly hide windows (applications) with the mouse middle button.
Second Hide is an application which helps users to instantly cover their current activity using a single key or mouse click.

You can set different boss-keys for all opened programs as well as one hotkey that hides them all at once. Instantly hide windows (applications) or everything in your desktop in order to prevent uninvited persons from seeing them.

It will not close or minimize the windows, but completely hide them from your screen. It could also clean your browser private files and history. Hide your private windows in second! Get a boss key.
Here are some key features of “Second Hide”:

· Click Mouse Middle Button to Hide Desktop Windows in Second
· Just one click to hide all windows (including all windows or specified windows) on the screen in second. Click the hotkey again to re-displaying the hide windows
· Hide Tray Icon, or Specified Program Run in background…detail
· Designate programs to run in the background (hide even icons in system tray) and an option for removing Second Hide’s system tray icon and make itself run in the background.
· Disguise specified window
· Change the icon and title of the application to disguise compromising elements into legit windows necessary in your line of work. Quickly make a minimized gaming window look like a report or balance or anything you want. It offers 12 icons to replace, include PhotoShop, Notepad, Outlook, MS Word, Excel, Adobe Reader, Windows Calculator, Flash and Dreamweaver.


· 30 runs of 30 days trial
· Nag screen

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