Secure Image Pro Encrypting Security for Windows

Copy protection for images on web sites and CD
Secure Image is a recommended image protection for images such as those used to display portfolios of artworks and photographs in quality high resolution.

Secure Image Pro enables complete protection against unauthorized linking of images from other websites and bandwidth theft.

“Right click” saving of image files and direct downloading to the hard disk is impossible with Secure Image – it is also safe from MSExplorer 5 page saving as it prevents direct linking to your images and is a sure safeguard against search and grab applications that can be used to obtain almost any file on a web site in minutes. Secure Image will encrypt thousands of images with just one click.
Here are some key features of “Secure Image Pro”:

· Support for distribution on CD
· Configuration wizard for setting properties of individual images.
· Encrypts JPG, GIF and Animated GIF images.
· Images protected from MouseClick and page saves.
· Images safe from spiders and site grabbers.
· Protection from bandwidth theft and unauthorized linking.
· Secures cached images in the Temporary Internet Folder .
· Domain locking of images to a designated web site.
· Image display options for slideshow and image swap (print protection).
· File import by the folder or multiple selection for batch saving.
· Multi-user register for managing several domains.
· Batch processing for 1,000’s of images at a time.


· Java 1.5 (or later)

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