Secure Runner Security Related Security for Windows

Let limited users run programs which require admin rights without giving away the admin password
Secure-Runner allows administrators to define list of programs, which limited users can start with administrator rights. This way the administrator can make it possible for limited users to work with programs which require administrator rights to run properly without giving those users full administrator access to the computer.

If your computer is used by several people you may find yourself in a situation that some of these users needs to run some program with administrator rights.

In this case, you have the following options:
· Create administrator account for the user
But then the user has full control over the computer. Can mess up any settings, delete any files or install any virus or spyware.

· Give the user administrator password and set up a shortcut for that the particular program so that is started with different user name and password.
But then the user has to type the name and password every time to start that program which is annoying and for inexperienced users hard to understand. Experienced user, on the other hand, can misuse the password – you end up in same situation as with option 1.

· Use Secure-Runner
Then you can define list of programs which any user can start with administrative rights. The limited user will start the program as usual, e.g. by clicking on a shortcut on the desktop, but the program will run with administrator rights. Without typing any password.

Secure-Runner will provide a system service that behaves like a server. Program started by limited user can ask this server to start a program with administrator privileges. Service makes sure the program is in the list of allowed programs and then starts the program if allowed.

Administrator uses Secure-Runner to create list of programs which can be started this way. He/she also enters name and password for administrator accounts which will be used when starting those programs.

Secure-Runner encrypts the name and password and saves it in the system registry. The access to the data is limited to administrators, so that the limited users cannot even read the password in encrypted form.


· 1 MB of free hard disk space

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