Security Check Security Related Security for Windows

Hidden security vulnerabilities & get corrective recommendations
This program will evaluate your local security settings and offer some advice to alert you to any key threats. It will check your settings in 5 main areas: Unset or blank user passwords, enabled/disable guest accounts, unset administrator password, unencrypted wireless network, and shared folder alert. Not only will Security Check alert you to these key weaknesses, it will instruct you on how to remedy the situation in each case.

During the system design process it is essential that a windows security check be implemented in order to assess any possible wormholes in the security settings. The Windows XP System is a fairly low maintenance and trustworthy operating system, but it will not prevent every type of security breach. XP security features can easily be adjusted to best suit your particular system design and analysis needs. A System Security Check is the best way to quickly and efficiently analyze your windows system.

The Moon Valley Security Utility is an applciation that checks for some of the most common security vulnerabilities a user can easily remedy on Windows systems.

SecurityCheck Audit common security vulnerabilities get corrective recommendations and easy remedies for Windows systems.

Check & correct unset or blank passwords, prevent unauthorized changes to important system-wide settings and programs.

Secure wireless networks & prevent unauthorized access to important, private data.

Reduce or eliminate shared folders, a key security vulnerability. Eliminate Guest Accounts an easy access point to all your data. Complete desktop security anlaysis.

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