Security Department Security Related Security for Windows

A resident file system protector for Windows
Security Department is an application that provides several levels of protection for different files and folders and prevents various actions for folders and files.

In addition to the two standard protection levels “Read Only” and “Full protection”, there is the Custom Protection level that allows you to fine tune the access of specific folders and files. Access to various folders and files can also be set differently for each user on a single PC.

By employing Security Department a computer is provided with an additional level of protection from virus and internet hacker attacks. Security Department makes EXE and COM files truly Read-Only. There is not a single virus that can overcome this kind of protection.

Here are some key features of “Security Department”:

· Full customized system of protection
· Resident file system driver for restricted any unwanted access
· Windows Explorer like interface


Software Requirements:
· Software for install is required: any zip-archive extractor like WinZip.

Hardware Requirements:
· 486 CPU or higher
· 16 Mb of RAM or more
· 2 MB free disk space
· VGA Video


· 30-day trial

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