secuVAULT Encrypting Security for Windows

Imagine having a Security Vault on your local computer!
SecuVAULT is a safe, fast and easy Security Vault Solution Software that can protect your private data – in just seconds.

Simply drag and drop files, folders, pictures, videos, drives, and even programs to the SecuVAULT DropZone (icon), then click “Lock VAULT” and have peace of mind that only you, have total access.

It doesn’t encrypt the protected content, therefore will not slow down the system and it will never have the chance to destroy your data.

SecuVAULT will help you to safeguard those contents from unwanted access by both hiding and locking. In addition, SecuVAULT will protect the contained files from any viruses, worms, trojans and spywares because once they are protected, they cannot be accessed, modified, erased, moved or copied.
Here are some key features of “secuVAULT”:

· Simple and Easy “Drag & Drop” operation.
· Prevent accidental file removal.
· Keep your system stable.
· Protect personal files and folders.
· Avoid losing important data.
· Disguise protected files/folders.
· Remove all the unwanted traces – web cookies, web history, recent documents history etc. – in system.
· Automatic Updates.
· Easy to Use, Easy to Setup and Easy to Uninstall.


· 30 days trial period
· Live Update feature is disabled
· Nag screen

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