SensiGuard Encrypting Security for Windows

The fast, easy way to lock files, documents, photos, passwords and more.
SensiGuard is the quick, easy way to encrypt documents, photos, passwords and more. With a single click of your mouse you can lock files or photos, backup important data or shred sensitive files on any PC, laptop or USB Flash Drive.

The fast, easy way to lock files, documents, photos, passwords and more – so you won’t have to worry. Why SensiGuard? Because the peace of mind that comes from knowing your files are secure shouldn’t be hard.
Here are some key features of “SensiGuard”:

Advanced Encryption Program:
· Bank-grade encryption tools mean you stay in control of your data – only YOU will be able to access YOUR locked files.

Home/Office PC Security:
· Share a computer? Have nosy co-workers? When you lock your files with SensiGuard, you know they’re safe.

File Protection:
· Safety shouldn’t be hard. SensiGuard is simple, one-click file protection software.

Laptop Encryption:
· SensiGuard keeps your laptop secure—even if it’s lost or stolen.

File Shredding:
· SensiGuard permanently deletes and overwrites files so they can never be recovered.

USB Encryption:
· Bring your encrypted files with you when you go wherever, whenever.

Automatic File Compression:
· SensiGuard automatically compresses your encrypted files —giving you virtual storage room to maneuver.


· 30 days trial period

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