Site Sentry 2000 Security Related Security for Windows

Password protect your website with this easy to use Java Applet.
SiteSentry creates unlimited password protected pages with unlimited usernames and passwords. You don’t even have to know Java. Customize the look of your applet to match your webpage. You can even point different users to different URLs all within the same applet. Preview your applet within the program or your favorite brower.

Password protecting your website is easy and secure with this user-friendly Java Applet. No knowledge of Java is required – see how easily you can put Site Sentry to work for you!

Server-side solutions aside, this is the best website password protection you can buy. Java’script’ doesn’t cut it – your usernames and passwords are visible to anyone who knows how to view your HTML source.

Here are some key features of “Site Sentry 2000”:

· Create login usernames and passwords to protect your Web Pages
· Add, Delete, Modify and Sort users easily
· Import/Export comma delimited text of your user base
· Direct individual users to individual website URLs, or all to one URL
· No knowledge of Java required
· Require a login to content-sensitive areas of your Web site
· Works easily in Frames and Tables
· Control Text and Background Colors, and Window Size
· Applet Preview and Preview in Browser functions
· Netscape and Internet Explorer compatible


· CPU: 486 – 100Mhz (minimum)
· Memory: 16MB (minimum)
· Hard Disk space: 1.4M for the program
· Video Card: VGA (minimum)


· 7-day trial period
· Nag screen

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