SKIF PPDS Security Related Security for Windows

An easy to use password protection program
SKIF PPDS is powerful multifunctional software, providing password manager and various tools for data security.
SKIF PPDS is have some unique functions – file auto ciphering and file auto deciphering, auto-MAC and some other.

Here are some key features of “SKIF PPDS”:

· database is full encrypted with Blowfish-algorithm (B.Schneier, C++ implementation base on C- ?standard? P.Kocher ) in CBC-mode;
· token of main user password? is not present (absolutely!);
· smart GUI;
· full mobility;
· base security function ? defense of swapping, memory revealer, brute-force attack.
· storing and management data of user-accounts;
· adjustable, customizable GUI;
· fast search;
· full and strong search in additional form;
· renamed title of field in user account;
· verification of hash;
· hash-calculation (SHA256, SHA1, MD5 and others);
· CRC-calculations;
· file-ciphering and file-deciphering (Blowfish, AES);
· MAC ? defense of file modifications;
· file auto-ciphering and file auto-deciphering (Blowfish);
· two-password ?way? for main data base;
· storing any text data in database

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Some minor bugs fixed:associated with the compilation project on CodeGear-compiler (None of BCB v.6): “acces violation” – if run through a command line with parameter or file association – minor; incorrect GUI-functions (drop-down TullButton on ToolBar) if run through a command line with parameter or file association- cosmetic.
· Added code to auto-positioning forms (cosmetics).
· GUI->CRYPTO-TOOLS: added for the operations of ciphering/deciphering the resulting speed (MB/sec);
· GUI, smart GUI: auto-close for main Form; message (hint) in the status bar of the date of the last backup;
· GUI->design: auto-positioning forms;
· SOURCE-CODE: store of a temporary password lock realized through hash function (SHA256).

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