Steganos Secure VPN Security Related Security for Windows

Steganos Secure VPN – Protect yourself while working in WLANs and HotSpots: Use a SSL-encrypted virtual private network
Why do you need Steganos Secure VPN?
HotSpots and other WLANs represent an ideal solution for business travelers and sales representatives. An increasing number of airports and train stations provide wireless access to the Internet. And even Internet caf?s are trying more and more to avoid the inconvenience of cable spaghetti.

But only few users are aware of the fact that both the HotSpot provider and hackers can eavesdrop all their activities on the Web if they have the appropriate software.

To be more precise: Once a user logs into his company’s LAN through the Internet, the access data can immediately be copied. Not only does this mean that confidential information can be spied on without any problem, but that data can be manipulated and even be deleted if that user has the necessary authorization.

Moreover, e-mails can be read including their attachments that might contain confidential business reports, analyses, or business plans. Because the potential danger caused by using a HotSpot is still underestimated by most private and professional users the consequences can be dramatical.

How does Steganos Secure VPN work?
A virtual private network (VPN) establishes a tunnel between a user’s computer and one of the Steganos VPN servers. All activities on the Internet are then carried out through that tunnel. The tunnel encrypts all information that runs through it by using an SSL connection which protects the information from being eavesdropped ? even by your ISP. SSL connections are, for instance, also used for online banking activities. The tunnel leads to one of the Steganos servers which, in turn, forwards the request onto the Web. This way you can stay completely anonymous while surfing through the Web: The Web sites you visit will only see the IP addresses of the Steganos servers.

And all you need to do is install the Steganos Secure VPN service on your computer. A setup wizard assists you in establishing the connection to the server and activating the user account. Once your access has been activated, the main window displays the amount of GB you used within the current month, which gives you 100% control of the costs. If several users share a secure VPN account, they also share the total traffic volume. This way each user always has an overview of the remaining volume available and can thus act accordingly.

Here are some key features of “Steganos Secure VPN”:

Shared traffic consumption
If several user share one account, they can commonly access the total traffic volume. This way all these users stay in control of the costs at any time, even if their individual traffic volumes differ.

Your encrypted tunnel to the Internet
Thanks to 128 Bit SSL encryption the Steganos VPN fully protects all your activities on the Web.

Surf securely in WLANs
Avoid being eavesdropped by others while surfing in public WLANs and hot spots, for instance in Internet caf?s. Steganos Internet Anonym VPN protects your data traffic from being eavesdropped.

Full cost control
Due to the prepayment system and permanent traffic consumption display you will only be able to utilize the prepaid amount of data and thus stay in full control of the costs.

Easy setup thanks to the VPN assistant
A step-by-step procedure guides you through the setup process for the VPN server and client: There’s no specific knowledge needed for that!

Highspeed connection based on the latest VPN technology
You can surf without losing any time thanks to the latest VPN technology.

High availability of the VPN servers
A Steganos server farm is responsible for the encryption process. Steganos adds more servers whenever the number of accesses increases.


· Internet access
· Screen resolution of at least 1024×768 pixels
· High color (16 Bit)
· At least 32 MB of free memory
· At least Pentium or comparable CPU
· A mouse or another Windows-compatible pointing device

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