Storage Vault Security Related Security for Windows

A software that allows you to protect your files by dragging files from one folder to another.
Storage Vault is a professional and comprehensive piece of software designed to protect your files using RSA keys and ciphering algorithms. A distinctive characteristic of Storage Vault technology is a deep integration with operating system so no advanced skills are required to use the application.

You can easy create a secure storage that acts and looks as an ordinal forlder in the Windows environment and store your vital data inside it and to not worry about the intruders that probably already do hack your system! Advanced key management and usage simplicity will definitely impress you. Think about your privacy right now!

Here are some key features of “Storage Vault”:

· Strong data protection is warranted by RSA algorithm.
· Strong key protection is warranted by X.509 certificate.
· Create the secure storage in three steps.
· Browse and manage the secure storage as an ordinal folder in your Windows Explorer.
· Add file and folder comments inside the storage.
· Share a copy of your key with trusted people and you’ll be able to exchange an important information with them using a secure storage.


· Acrobat Reader


· Nag screen
· Files insidede the storage are not encoded
· Any storage file you create is not a valid file for fully functional version of the application. Each storage file has extension .demo-vault instead of .vault
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· [+] From now on you don’t need to order trial key to try Storage Vault.
· [+] 3.0 version allows you to attach storage key to storage file. It decreases odds to lose a key and makes easier storage tranferring because you don’t need to store key in separate file.
· [+] Attached storage key will be installed automatically if no valid key was found.
· [+] Updates checking mechanism is enhanced.
· [-] Locale support is added to error handling.

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