Super Browser Washer Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Super Browser Washer is a total solution to protect your online privacy and offline privacy
Super Browser Washer is a total solution to protect your online privacy and offline privacy.

Super Browser Washer will manage your browser (support IE, Netescape, Opera, MSN explorer) cookies, history, cache, location address list, autocomplete, index.dat and windows run history, search history, recent documents history, Download Program Files, T

It can delete or clear above items and also have keeper for cookies and urls address list to keep your information.

Here are some key features of “Super Browser Washer”:

· IE Protector can Auto-Protect or manually protect your IE Home Page,IE Windows Title, IE default Page. It avoid some web page change your homepage,and more…
· Stealth Mode hide himself when your hit your defined hotkey and work totally on backbround.
· Boss Key hide or show your task bar app, all task bar,all desktop screen when you use hotkey.
· Auto Timer you defined clear or washer your infomation automaticlly.
· Screen Theme have many screen and button styles,you can chose background and button stytle.It make it more nice for yourself.
· Customize Registry and Folder/Files make you can customize your folder or files or registry key, registry value to be delete.
· Plug-In system support many popular programs such as widows Mediaplayer, Realplayer, Office Tools, etc…
· SBWPlugIn Creator make you can customize your own plug-in for any programs.


· 15-day trial

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