System Sentinel Secure cleaning Security for Windows

System Sentinel – Four Powerful Programs In One Including Advanced Spy and Malware Removal
System Sentinel is an adware remover, it detects and removes the most dangerous spyware out there including the one that even the three most popular anti-spyware products cannot remove, SpyFalcon. Brand new System Sentinel creates a network of protection around a PC at all times.

Sentinel hunts down and destroys all keyloggers, Trojans and homepage hijackers and will even monitor and optimize the registry, scan and remove harmful cookies and more. The leading anti-spyware product boasts four upgrades per year, however, Sentinel guarantees major upgrades weekly and database upgrades daily, always free of charge.

Unlike competitors Sentinel creates a network of protection by putting an army of Sentinels to work to defend each user. When a new threat is detected the Sentinel server is notified and a fix is created instantly by the Sentinel’s core programming. The fix is then instantly sent to all licensed users to ensure the new threat never makes it to a user’s PC.

Sentinel also optimizes the registry and checks each cookie for authenticity and will only display the harmful cookies for removal. Many competitors show all cookies to convince a user of the supreme power of their program, however, that is not practical. Sentinel will remove all cookies if you prefer and also allows a user to set updates times and automate all scanning and removal features.

Sentinel scans in a matter of moments and will work tirelessly in the background to protect against any new threats. Sentinel guarantees complete removal of even the hardest and mutated threats including rootkit spies that have been specifically designed to avoid detection and removal.

Sentinel successfully detects and removes Spyware, Adware, Popup Ads, Phishing Attacks, Hi-Jackers, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Trojans, Drive-By Downloads, Rogue Programs, Registry Plants and much more. Backed by free technical support and free upgrades including an iron-clad 30-day return policy.

Here are some key features of “System Sentinel”:

· Proactive protection monitors your computer and stops spyware dead in its tracks!
· Home Page Hijack Protection prevents spyware programs from changing your internet Home Page
· Runs at startup to provide continuous protection
· Scans Running Processes
· Scans the Windows Registry
· Scans Internet Cookies
· Logs scan results
· Schedule scans to keep your computer 100% free of malicious programs
· Auto-update feature allows you to download the newest definitions directly from our online definition database to instantly combat spyware, malware, hijackers, keyloggers, trojans and even quite a few major viral threats.
· Collects anonymous data from all users in order to identify new spyware and automatically updates the database to instantly remove brand new spyware from all computer’s running System Sentinel!
· Creates a Windows System Restore point before deleting files (Win ME/XP+ only)
· Choose whether to keep or remove spyware that is found on your computer with one click
· Deleted files are quarantined in case you need to recover them
· Quarantine Log allows you to see exactly where quarantined files were previously located
· Status menu displays definition numbers, number of programs you are protected against, number of programs removed, and more!

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Faster scanning and now includes registry optimization

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