System Sweeper Secure cleaning Security for Windows

System Sweeper – Recover Hard Drive space by removing Junk Files and Folders.
System Sweeper was developed to be the most flexible and customizable Drive Cleaner program.

At the same time it is designed to be extremely easy to use for those users who don’t require it’s extensive customisation options.

By default it searches for more than 31 Junk File types. It also cleans 6 Folder Locations that are used by the System and programs to store temporary files, caches, histories and other Junk.

It is of course possible to add more File types (eg. *.tmp), files (eg. C:My DocumentsJunkFile.dat) and Folders (eg. C:WindowsTemp) to this list as well as delete them or disable them.

Users can set specific Files or Folders to be ignored by the search for junk files – ensuring that legitimate files aren’t caught up by the search for Junk. In addition a detailed list of files found by the search can be viewed by the user so they can ensure that no legitimate files will be removed.

System Sweeper will keep your computer running smoothly and efficiently. Download it and try it today to see how much drive space you can recover!

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